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The MK13 was developed at the request of SOCOM at Crane Nav/Sea in southern Indiana.  Sometime around the mid to late ’80’s operators wanted a “bigger hammer”.   Several had used the 300 win-mag in high power matches; were familiar with it; and specifically asked for it.

The only match round available, at that time was the 190 grain Sierra match king and that is what the rifle was chambered for.  They are currently shooting the 220 grain SMK.

  Alan Brown (retired Crane armorer) will continue to build up MK13 rifles — HCS will NOT be involved in the process — contact him directly at:

COST: Alan will discuss the details of what you need to provideas well as costs.  He will produce a rifle with the receiver, barrel, and bolt all trued. 

Our duplication of the Crane Nav/Sea built MK13 Mod5 300 win-mag rifle is built on your accurized Remington 700 long action receiver with a Lilja barrel 26.5” ( 1:10).  The assembly is mounted in an AICS 2.0 stock; uses the Remington factory trigger; has the M16 extractor bolt modification; has a Nightforce 20MOA scope rail mounted; and Badger IMUNS clip on adapter installed.  The barrel can be modified to accept the Knight’s Armament MK11 suppressor.

Nightforce NXS scopes are available and are correctly mounted in high NF rings to allow alignment with a clip-on night vision optic.  Medium rings will work, as well.  Currently the correct NF scopes include the 5.5-22x56 as well as the first focal plane 3.5-15x50.

The rifle can be built with the Lilja barrel tapered to accept the KAC suppressor or, if the suppressor will not be used, with a tactical contoured Lilja barrel (as used on the Mod 2 iteration of the MK13).  That barrel can be modified to accept a muzzle brake or suppressor adapter.

Nightforce scopes and KAC suppressors are available to complete the package, if desired.   

Knight’s Armament MK11 suppressors are available, intermittantly, for $1475.00 ($1495 list) plus shipping to your FFL/SOT dealer.  

If you need help finding a Remington receiver in the correct caliber I can be of assistance to you.

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              US forces provide an overwatch position while a group of Afghan commandos patrol the village below, Oct. 16, 2009, in Afghanistan.

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